• Hello, I am confused about the reference points selection. I am processing sentinel data. First, I used the auto reference point. The distribution of parameters is great (peak at zero). However, based on Google Earth, the selected reference point is located on top of the mountain range. As I understand, the reference needs to be on the ground. The…[Read more]

  • Good day, just update to 25-6-2019. got error said that file is encrypted. open file using winrar. winrar said it is corrupted. here is the file needed.

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    hello i have few questions. i unwrap the interfrogram suing sparse LS LP, no mask. i found that there are 2 interferogram product, “date_UW” and “date_mask”. what does this mask refer to? when i export the “date_UW”, and convert to disp or height, i got single color image with no scale. if there is no conversion, the inferogram looks good. i had…[Read more]

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    hello, i have question regarding the flatten option. based the previous discussion, it is used to eliminate ramp? what does ramp refer to? i used the IR but get low coherency, most is 0.6 and below. IP gives me high coherency but it is a force option. what do means by force? should i use IP instead of IR? i am studying movement along a thrust…[Read more]

  • hello, i’m a bit confuse in viewing the interferograms. In visualization tools, i plot the interferograms by selecting coherence as mask and set the threshold to 0.5 to 0.8. Is this necessary or i should just use the default (mask=none; threshold=0)? Next, i tried to export the interferograms on GE using the extended data export. I change the…[Read more]

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