• Dear Yuxiao,

    following Daniele recommendation, I am am contacting you trough the forum.

    I am currently processing 28 S1A covering the eastern part of Belgium.
    When I plot the PS results I can see sudden changes in the velocities.
    Daniele told me that there are related to phase jumps due to a problem in the processing of S1A with the soft.
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  • pydeclercq replied to the topic Plot problems in the forum Sarproz Forum 7 years, 4 months ago

    Hi Dan,

    thanks for your advice.
    It was indeed related to opengl.
    I was using Ubuntu driver for my Nvidia card.
    Now I am using the one provided by Nvidia and it works.



  • Dear Dan, Yuxiao,

    I am currently processing TSX data.
    In the APS processing when I click on Plot (after Sparse points selection) nothing happened.
    I have to kill Matlab.
    All the plot functions in the APS, PS are not working for me as well as the plot button in the Scatter plots.
    I am using Matlab 2014a and the latest pcodes.
    I don’t have any…[Read more]

  • Dear all, Daniele,

    2 weeks ago, a large underground quarry (near the surface) collapsed.
    I have already processed the area with a standard PS approach using ERS and ENVISAT data to see if something was already happening in the past.
    But as it is a field area, I have not any PS in my results.

    Any suggestions? How does Quasi-PS works?

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