Batch processing from terminal?

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        Did anyone manage to run saproz in batch mode from a terminal?

        I can’t find any instruction or documentation on batch processing with sarproz. Is it possible to create a configuration file with all parameters for batch processing?
        There is a InputParFile.txt with input parameters created in the project folder when starting a new project.

        Does one need Matlab to run sarproz in batch mode?

        Did anyone manage to run sarproz from a docker file?

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          We call it “command line” or “background” mode.
          If you type it in the search line of the forum here, you’ll get some discussions.
          Here some updates short descriptions containing command line mode infos (there are more discussions):

          in the first link (2018) you get a pdf telling you the idea behind the CL mode and also an inputpar file example. don’t use that inputpar file, sarproz generates the content of inputpar files when you execute functions from the GUI. in this way you can get an updated inputpar file (the 2018 one is a bit old).

          you don’t need matlab for that.

          yes some of our customer run sarproz from dockers or VMs, clusters, clouds, … The only topic of discussion here is the license. Please ask this question via email through your colleagues who purchased the license.


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            Thanks a lot for the quick reply.

            We will contact you once we start testing sarproz from within a docker image.

            best regards

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