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    Hi,Someone can help me?,
    i’m a new user, and when I have tried to coregistrate two ERS images or 2 Sentinel1 images it gives me the following error:

    WARNING!!! coregistration of image 20160708 failed!!!!

    image 20160708 will be discarded: check manually!!!

    List of Images for which the coregistration failed:
    No Temperature data found: generating a synthetic sinusoid

    synthetic temperatures written

    get_locality: could not dowload the locality!!

    get_timezone: could not dowload the timezone!!


    tops_slave_proc(): No New Slaves to update. Exit.

    The coregistration failed for 1 images

    You can try to process them again with the update function
    after checking the images one by one and manually modifying the coregistration parameters

    The Processing concluded successfully, here a specific message:

    SLC data Preparation: job ended

    This is the example with Sentinel 1, but it also happen when I try to use ERS images. I’m studing Deception Island and I dont know if the external dem is the cause of the fault.
    that’s why I’m asking you, in search of more experienced help in sarproz world

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    1. read the forum and search for similar questions. Here an example:

    2. for Sentinel, you can use the orbital approach:

    However, your case may be challenging for the TOPS post-processing steps. Please give us an update here so that we can check how it goes.

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