How to fit a Seasonal model?


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      Using 161 Sentinel-1 images, I want to estimate seasonality in my data. After doing  APS based on a linear model, I want to add seasonality in MISP. I see polynomial and smart options. I couldn’t find a detailed description of “smart” in the manual.

      1- What would be the difference between smart=3 and smart=5?
      2- I want to estimate velocity and seasonality in my data at the same time, using a polynomial or smart option will do the best? 
      3- To see seasonality in the time-series, I want to change the range of the deformation axis in the generated kmz file from (-100, -100) to (-20, 20). I don’t mean the color bar, I mean the pop up plot after clicking on a point. How can I change it in the time-series module? 

      Thank you in advance. 

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        about the smart option:

        1. don’t use 3, it’s too short. use 5 or more
        2. sarproz has a “seasonal trend” field. you find tutorials on that (small area, high buildings), e.g. here:
        3. the kml time series files is not very flexible. I suggest you to either use the small area module (very flexible for time series visualization and manipulation, however, effective only on relatively small areas) or to use some gis plugin to import the time series csv file


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