How to select a same reference point for different projects

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      I have a set of data of the same area spaning 6 years, I seperate the data into 3 projects and process the data seperately. But since the data covers the same area, I want to select a same reference point for the 3 projects. Is it doable in sarproz and how to implement ?

      Thank you so much for your help!

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      Hi Bridgetwang.

      If you create 3 different projects, it means that you are going to use 3 different Master images for the Coregistration step. For this reason, the final matrix of the coregistered images, such as all the parameters like the reflectivity map and other data will be very similiar but not identical. This is also true for the azimuth/range coordinates of targets. The same object (e.g. a building) will be located in different positions for the 3 different projects.
      For this reason, you cannot use the same RefPoint.mat file for all the projects.

      However, since the area is the same, I am pretty sure that you can easily find the same target to be used as a reference point in the Reflectivity Map of each project. Take note of the line/sample coordinates and then select the point in the proper section of the APS panel by selecting the “Manual option”.

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        Thank you very much! I’ll try as you recommended 🙂

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