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      Dear all,
      many changes have been implemented in the past months.
      I give here a brief overview of the major ones.
      1) drastic improvement in low level reading functions. In particular, reading a full matrix sparsely is now much faster than before (to test it, use the load mask function and select points applying a threshold on the reflectivity map). This improvement has benefits in several parts of the code.
      2) parallelization of the co-registration is now implemented for each image (in the previous versions, each image was sent to a different CPU-core. now each image is split and sent to multiple cores). This means that even processing a single image pair is now parallelized.
      3) 2d and 3d scattered plots are now faster than before.
      4) TS export and update options now available in both MISP and APS modules. Also, you can now change the images graph from inside those modules.
      5) new height calibration system and generally speaking new geographic coordinates management. You don’t need to calculate geographic coordinates anymore, it’s now done automatically. Also, you can refine the final geographic coordinates and height calibration at the end of your analysis, without affecting previous steps
      6) changes in the sentinel code
      Many more changes, improvements, bug fixes can be found in the list of updates in the manage version module

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