Persistent Scatterers steps and interferograms generation

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    While waiting for more documentation to come,
    I open a new topic on this matter for the newcomers.
    In Sarproz, Persistent Scatterers interferometry is applied to un-filtered full-resolution data.
    This means that you do not need to generate interferograms if you want to process Persistent Scatterers.
    It is suggested to process interferograms if you want to carry out weighted multi-temporal approaches (like quasi-PS).
    In such case, before processing the interferograms, you have to choose from the “dataset selection” window the images graph that you want to process.
    For classical PSI, these are the steps to follow (as mentioned in the notes by Timo
    – preliminary analysis (section 1.4.1 of the manual)
    – preliminary geocoding (1.4.2)
    – phase2height and phase2flat constants generation ( and
    – APS estimation (
    – Sparse Points processing (

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