Sarproz Release 2017.2

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    Dear all,
    we just released a new update.
    The main changes relate again to the coregistration process, that underwent a major revision. Several new options are now available, including an improved use of topography, a new independent tiled algorithm (for processing images piece by piece, useful in case of images with variable antenna steering), more control on the different steps of the coregistration process. For instance, in case of coregistration failure, you don’t any more to repeat all steps. The software keeps the results that is not necessary to reprocess again. A detailed description of the new options will follow soon. Remarkable improvements have been observed in case of high resolution images in areas with important topography and high baselines. Also the coregistration refinement is now more robust.
    Be aware anyway that some of the new improvements may not be applied to existing datasets (images coregistered with the old algorithm).
    Other updates concern Sentinel burst stitching.
    More minor changes have been implemented. You can e.g. generate an interferogram right after coregistering without going through all preliminary processing steps.
    Phase2height and Phase2flat constants do not need to be generated manually any more.
    Last small improvement: when you check the contents of the SLC folder, in case of multiple sensors/modes/orbits, the software lists now all infos together with the folder/file name of the related image. This is very useful e.g. if you want to separate data in different groups and if the folder name is not informative of its content…

    More infos will be provided soon in the manual.

    Use the “Manage Version” module to update the code:

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    I’m a user at univeristy. I came across the failure in downloading updates. I want to ask for the windows version, how to install the update software after downloading the psftp.exe ?

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    Updates can be installed through this interface
    if you encountered errors, please send us lasterror and log files
    if you upload them here, zip them first

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