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      Eric Liang

        Dear All,

        I am using the SARProZ generated on 10th April 2015 to process a PalSAR data stack. Then I got following questions:

        1. the data is dual pol HH + HV, for mining site monitoring which pol is more suitable from your experience?

        2. in older version it is always possilbe to specify 0.5 to Azimuth to sample squre pixel, but in this version the Az OVS input area is grey( unusable), so is there any consideration for this setting. Is it proper to sample square pixel for PalSAR process in SARProZ?

        Please help to comment.


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          Hi Eric,
          you have a dataset of mixed multiple polarizations (HH single pol and HH/HV multiple pol). As a consequence, the only choice is using HH. Would you have had a choice, the suggestion is never to use cross-polarizations for multitemporal analyses. In the future we may include polarimetric techniques and make use of all channels, but this is not available yet.
          Concerning the azimuth sampling, it’s decided by the chosen master (multiple pol images have to be oversampled to match the single pol ones). In any case, it’s not a good idea to downsample (that’s why now when u process mixed multiple pol the sampling is decided by the sw).

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