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      Hello, I would like to get a better understanding on analyzing Rg Slope Button in Small Area Processing –> Geocoding. My problem is when I look the Ground profile and the Line of Sight in the graphic, I obtain a line that apparently is impossible to get because the line of sight cross the ground profile twice. How can I understand the graphic?. In addition, other points in the same analisys have this problem.

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      Hi David,
      in that plot you can see the red point indicating the location of the pixel you are observing
      the blue line is a line connecting the satellite with the ground point
      the black line is the local ground profile taken from the DEM you loaded (SRTM by default).
      In principle, this is what is plotted, independently from whether it is true or not (e.g. the location of the target could be wrong -if data are wrongly geocoded- or the local slope could be wrong -if the DEM is wrong-, and so on).
      The fact that the blue line intersects the ground slope twice is nothing wrong in itself.

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