Sarproz Release 2019.1

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    Dear all,
    we post here some news about recent updates.

    1. Wunderground has changed policies and it is not offering historical weather data as before anymore. We have implemented new functions to download data from Consider anyway that temporal and spatial coverage is not as before. Also the number of details can now be retrieved is lower. You still need to get an API key and there are limitations on the free use, however, they won’t affect common SAR processing.

    2. The Advanced Parameters module has been changed to account for the previous modifications. Also, advanced parameters are now saved in the Sarproz directory (before, they were saved in the project directory). Here more infos:

    3. ICEYE data are now supported. Also, the current co-registration algorithms have been improved to co-register images with highly different viewing angles

    4. A new option is available when geocoding sparse points (you find it both in the sparse data export and in the time series module): “No Orthorect.”. This option will cause geocoded points to be aligned with geocoded SAR data/results, without considering the estimated residual height. It can be useful in cases where the residual height is not well estimated, or simply for aligning points to geocoded SAR images/results.

    More small updates and bug fixes can be found as well.

    You can use the Manage Version module to download the new updates:

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