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    Dear all,
    in recent months lots of small changes/updates were released. Many modifications were applied to the Sentinel code, and Yuxiao reported them in the forum. Here I want to highlight 2 other topics:
    a. PSC graph generation in the APS module. We recently discovered that an implementation of the local redundant graph -useful in particular cases- was in fact degrading the performances of several graphs options. We gave then 2 new options: local redundant graph connecting closer points and local redundant graph connecting points with higher quality index. Besides the 2 new options, the flowered tree and the automatic graph have now much better performances. Please try it out.
    b. geocoding module in the small area processing. After several request to export small area results, we have now re-styled a few features in the small area module (check pictures below). First of all, you can now easily switch from optical to radar background. Then, you can choose to export time series in csv, kml, jpeg formats. Height and residual height are now better consistent in the different formats and they are calibrated according to the available site infos. Also, several processing have been optimized making the module faster, in particular with data processed in old sw versions.

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    Hello Daniele,

    thank you for it.

    I am sending an error encountered in the geocoding module, repeatedly (updating from older version, at the same time updating the data). The same error got for 4 datasets, and with different background images (if I remember it well, a similar error was connected to the GIS directory…)

    Thank you very much, Ivana

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    hi Ivana
    error nr 2 was a typo, now we corrected it. To overtake it, input a value in the coherence threshold box, you will fix the error in your data.
    the first error i believe it belongs to the fact that you updated a site, but you did not update the small area data. To do so, you can load your small area, then open the “select area” window and press the button “load”. I believe you should have got messages about missing images. Remember to save your small area data again after that.
    Finally, please consider that the log file u sent contains no useful information. Please read carefully the last 2 answers in this post:
    If you input your email address in the advanced parameters, you automatically get the correct lasterror and log files

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