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    I want to use small area processing, but I do not know where to get a file with .mat format. As I press the load button, I do not have any file in the GUIDE folder, as it was shown in one of the tutorials. I tried to use Select Area, but I do not know what values to enter in the “from” and “to” fields. In the SLC Data Processing window, I only had given samples 7560 and lines 3160.

    How do I get the whole file to load the area with the .mat format?
    Or where to get values for samples and lines?

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    Hi carolina,

    Did you follow the tutorials available on the site? If you want to select a small area, go:

    1. Select Area -> View Refl. Map

    2. Now zoom in to the area of interest in the new image window

    3. Once you have it in the field of view, press the Grab Area button

    4. The values should be automatically input in the boxes, now press Load

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    Thank you very much for help 🙂
    I create in the DEM program according to the following steps:
    1. Loading data – Select Dataset,
    2. Coregistration – SLC Data Processing
    3. Performing processes in the Site Processing window marked in red
    4.Small Area Processing:
    – Select Area
    -InSAR Analysis: execution flattening, DEM removal, filtering Goldstein, Unwrap, Conversion: meters.

    The above steps are correct?
    Maybe I should do some more steps to generate DEM?

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