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      Dear Daniele,
      I’m processing a long time series of CSK urban data spanning more than 5 years. I’d like to try to implement the “Temporary PSI” method in SARPROZ to get estimation of temporary targets sunch as new constructions or collapse.
      Could you please give me a guidence on how to implement this method in SARPROZ?
      Also, I’ve read your paper “Shanghai subway tunnels and highways monitoring through Cosmo-SkyMed Persistent Scatterers”, do you have other related papers on using this method in SARPROZ to recommend?
      If this is a complex topic to discuss in the Forum, I could send you email instead.
      Thank you!

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      here you can see how to process and check amplitude time series (part III):
      To use the result of the amplitude time series processing in the phase time series analysis, you just need to use the amplitude model as weight.
      For a more complete discussion and explanation, the best way would be taking a sarproz training course… if you are interested you can write to courses at sarproz dot com

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        Thank you very much for your answer as quick as ever! I’ll follow the tutorial to do a test.
        Sure, I’d like to take the course when our financial support could afford it. 🙂

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