About PSI method for land deformation

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      Hi Admin,
      First of all, I would like to thank you for your support in the image processing with Sarproz. I have completed the steps in processing the Sentinel-1A with 15 images, but after processing I do not understand what parameters to distinguish the determination of subsidence and landslides because I just see the file “def.trend”. The reason I ask is that the result of the landslide determination is very small while in fact there were quite a lot of landslides in this area. I also want to test the new method that you mentioned in the introduction of the software is the Quasi-PSI method for my area, because my region of interest has dense of vegetation.
      Thanks you and best regards,
      Van Anh

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      Hi Van Anh,
      how to distinguish between landslides and subsidence is a question that relates to the interpretation of the results, not to the processing, so, it’s something beyond the scope of this forum.
      About QPS processing, usually we consider it an advanced topic that one can tackle after having well digested more simple approaches.
      Anyway, here the readings:
      1. D. Perissin and T. and Wang, “Repeat-Pass SAR Interferometry with Partially Coherent Targets,” IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, vol. Volume 50, p. Pages 271–280, 2012.
      2. D. Perissin, “Interferometric SAR MultiTemporal processing (techniques and applications)” chapter in “Multi Temporal Remote Sensing – Methods and Applications” Springer, editor Yifang Ban, ISBN 978-3-319-47037-5.
      And more applied papers. You should be able to find them on Researchgate.
      And then read the forum, like
      and many more.
      About the analysis you did, I suggest you to contact someone via email, send a ppt with as many details as possible (dataset, area, processing options, partial and final results) and ask for a feedback

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      Hi Periz,
      Thank you so much for quick response. I will try to read the papers you mentioned and the discussions in the forum,
      Best regards,
      Van Anh

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